4 Negative Outlets That Are Blocking Your Full Potential

Before we finally say goodbye to the first half of 2020, I want to leave you a powerful message, “Only you can determine what you will or will not become.” November 24, 2015. If I can describe this day in a phrase the closest would be — an explosion of blankness. It was when theContinue reading “4 Negative Outlets That Are Blocking Your Full Potential”

3 Self Control Activities To Ease Your Anxiety

Can self discipline actually influence and improve your feeling? Today I sit here on my 215 square feet apartment having my second cup of coffee with a teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea from The Superfood Grocer. On most days I do restrain myself on having a second cup because of my palpitations but today isContinue reading “3 Self Control Activities To Ease Your Anxiety”

3 Serious Side Effects Of Toxic Positivity

Is there a dark side behind our positive feelings? Maybe you have experienced a scenario like this before, you’re pouring yourself some wine, or beer on a nice Monday morning because you received some bad news from work, your projects were behind schedule so your boss informed you that you’re laid-off temporarily, and then cameContinue reading “3 Serious Side Effects Of Toxic Positivity”

5 Calming Activities For The Anxious Mind

Hello, how are you coping with the new normal? Now that we all are entering into a new phase, the new normal is what it’s called, in which the shock brought by the spreading of an infectious disease without a direct cure is starting to calm down, we are beginning to slide in some kindContinue reading “5 Calming Activities For The Anxious Mind”

Daily Slow Living Rituals For Beginners

What is Slow Living? “I think of slow [living] as more of a mindset than anything else,” says Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness: How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. “It’s quality over quantity. It’s doing things with presence, being in the moment. Ultimately, it’s about doing everything as well as possible insteadContinue reading “Daily Slow Living Rituals For Beginners”

5 Chill Out Quarantine Youtube Playlist

Yesterday I got the replacement for my air bed so I was excited. Yay, I won’t be sleeping on the floor again! Sadly I woke up today with a backache and a slightly stiff neck because guess what, it was defective! The whole thing deflated while I slept. Heck. So I processed the item-return today.Continue reading “5 Chill Out Quarantine Youtube Playlist”

Say It Ten Times, “I’M DOING THIS FOR ME”

Self-care has been a daily reminder in every nook and cranny, yes, like literally in every corner of everywhere. But putting yourself first isn’t actually a bulleted-to-do-task where you usually place that check mark once it’s done. It is, basically, a mindset. There are no rules nor steps in taking care of yourself. From simplyContinue reading “Say It Ten Times, “I’M DOING THIS FOR ME””

One Month On Quarantine Manila Philippines

Hello, how are you surviving? It has been a month since the enhanced community quarantine here in Manila and I thought maybe, it’s a good time to do a mental health update, what I have been doing, things like that. I know, you guys don’t need to know, maybe don’t even want to know (sorryContinue reading “One Month On Quarantine Manila Philippines”

3 Easy And Simple Daily Self-Care Activities With Or Without Pandemic

Hello from the Philippines. How is your quarantine life going? Today, I listed down my basic daily self-care activities and I want to share them with you in case you need a little pat in the back, and a little hey, you got this, okay. 1. Simple Skincare Routine For me, skincare is basic ofContinue reading “3 Easy And Simple Daily Self-Care Activities With Or Without Pandemic”

A Self-Care Lesson You Didn’t Think You Need

Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” ~John 5:8 (NIV) Get Up! Get up. Move your muscles, stretch those legs, and stand. You have been sitting for far too long, lying down for far too long, receiving and accepting all the dust, all the dirt, and every grime thrownContinue reading “A Self-Care Lesson You Didn’t Think You Need”