4 Negative Outlets That Are Blocking Your Full Potential

Before we finally say goodbye to the first half of 2020, I want to leave you a powerful message, “Only you can determine what you will or will not become.” November 24, 2015. If I can describe this day in a phrase the closest would be — an explosion of blankness. It was when theContinue reading “4 Negative Outlets That Are Blocking Your Full Potential”

How To Reset Your Life With Wabi-Sabi

The dents and cracks will never be pretty according to today’s beauty standards, but they will always hold a charm, one that flawlessness cannot compete with. Perfectionism is a moral value widely attributed to the Western side of the Earth. It is a complex philosophy rooting from the idea that to be a virtuous person,Continue reading “How To Reset Your Life With Wabi-Sabi”