Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #3

Thank you Rosell! Today we are accepting our third Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award from a sweet fellow Filipino blogger. Her blog is a documentation of her personal pursuit on minimalist lifestyle and she also shares some yummy Filipino dishes! Here is one of my faves: My Top 5 Minimalist Life Hacks Do give her aContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #3”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #2

Hello, how are you today? We have been nominated for the second time for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. For this I would like to thank This Engrained Heart do check it out here and his latest post too— Life Won’t Stop. His blog is full of creative prose and poetry works, if you’re interestedContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #2”

The Penable Award 2020

Hello, my awesome community! How are you today? Here we are on another award, this time the Penable Award. We are nominated by the sweetest Ruthie Playle of Truth_Be_Told do check out her website here! Like me, she also shares her personal experiences and reflections regarding her struggles with anxiety, and a lot of otherContinue reading “The Penable Award 2020”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020

Hello, how is your new normal so far? I have been trying not to think about it too much but there are certainly some situations that are driving me crazy right now. I am trying my best to compose myself as best as I could by focusing on the things that are cheering me upContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020”


Hello! I am back at it again on another REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD this time from dear Tanya of Divinely Bipolar. Thank you so much! Never have I read stories of such harrowing experience and Tanya’s blog is honestly like a script coming from a movie character who went through so much ordeal but stillContinue reading “REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD 2020 #2”