My name is Princess. I came from a tiny dot on the world map, from one of the 7600+ islands in the Philippines. I am a home-based structural design engineer, a crochet enthusiast, and a blogger in my free hours.

I write about self-care guides and tips fit for everyone but specially curated for the anxious, my Slow Living lifestyle, and fragrance reviews in the form of reflections and descriptive haiku.

My Story

In August of 2018 I resigned from my corporate job. For one whole year, I hid myself in the comfort of my apartment and decided to temporarily stop my professional career. At that time I was in a state of chaos.

Avoidance in social gatherings rocketed upward, explosive anger grew steadily, impulsive spending became frequent, cleaning behavior became excessive, and I started having random nights of sleeping pill dependency.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to embrace my creative side and launched a crochet blog on Instagram where I post my projects and earn from commissioned works. Surprisingly by the end of the year, I received an invitation from my former company to return to work as a home-based employee with a minimum workload which I gladly accepted.

About the Blog

The Mindful Modus is a resource for personal growth focusing on self-care for anxious minds.

Here, I give out practical self-care guides, skincare reviews, fragrance reviews in the form of reflections and descriptive haiku, and my personal journey towards a life of sustainability and Slow Living.

If this is your boat, welcome aboard!

*Disclaimer. Please note that I am not technically qualified by any means as I have no professional background with regards to self-help, self-development, and mental health in general, so please be aware that even though I give advice and tips on this blog, they are solely based on my reflections and experiences. It is still advisable that you seek professional help if you must. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and must not be taken as professional instruction or medical information.

P.S. Although I am an island girl, I am classified as a non-swimmer. Also, I’m Aquarius!

Thank you for the support. Lovelots 🌸

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