How To Create Mindful Mornings

Every morning when we wake up we open our eyes to a fresh new start, a breathtaking canvass of our tiny little world and lovable imperfections, and each of these mornings, each of these moments is a miracle.

Every day our hearts, which we no control of, are faced with a decision whether to continue or to stop pumping life into our system, and every single day that we wake up we know that our hearts decided to take another chance, another shot, another try. This is the biggest miracle we receive each day and we don’t even recognize it.

Today, I want you to become aware. I want you to notice that today, you woke up and your heart chose to fight and give you another day, a new opportunity at life.

How does your pillowcase feel as you turn on your side and your cheeks gently rub against it?

What is the first noise that you heard?

Can you smell anything, your pillow perhaps or is it the scent of the shampoo you used yesterday?

Before you do anything look around. Do you have someone beside you, or maybe you live alone surrounded by all the things that you thought are making you happy?

When was the last time you were fully awake that you notice the dust in your ceiling, the scent of your blanket, the texture of your bed sheet, the noise outside?

A mindful morning is not about having a routine.

Creating a mindful morning is not about your tasks. It is not about the activities that you do soon as you wake up. It is being here. Fully existing here. Fully absorbing what is here.

Think of it this way. You can have the best structured daily routine out there but it does not mean that you are exercising mindfulness. In fact, the more rigid your routine is, the more that you will unlikely immerse yourself in the present moment.

Having a solid set of activities forces us to focus on the idea of completion rather than the process. As a result, our tendency is to get over with it and call it a day. Simply put, we are not honoring the here and now.

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Extend your morning.

If I can only give you one piece of advice on how to create a mindful morning, this is what I will leave you.

What is your typical morning scenario? How long does this last? If it lasts an hour, commit to waking up earlier to give yourself extra time because if you want to absorb and take in what is happening, you cannot rush it. Being mindful takes time. Being aware of the surroundings and processing all these things in our minds takes time. Immersing takes time.

So, does mindfulness equate to slowing down? Yes and no.

When I was in college I have done a bit of keyboard practicing and what I noticed back then is that you can be immersed in anything you do, mindful of every movement but at the same time do it hard and fast. We see this, a lot of times on performing musicians who transcend emotions, house-builders piling up bricks, even on meticulous mothers scrubbing kitchen counter-tops.

Executing a single task be it rapidly or slowly can pull you into a state of here and now. However, if we are talking about a series of activities our brain is wired to think about the next one even though we are still not yet done with what we are currently doing. The tricky part is how to inject awareness even if our minds can’t help but think of the next one.

The key is to produce extra time. By adding extra minutes, maybe a quarter to half an hour, we can give space for our minds to think about the present moment. Ultimately this is how we create mindful mornings.

The what is not only what mindfulness is about. It is also giving attention to the how and why.

Notice the intentions. Why are you doing it? Why are you drinking coffee? Why are you scrolling through your phone, while drinking coffee? How does the coffee tastes like? How does the mug on your lips feel like? How does touching the screen of your phone while drinking coffee feels like?

Notice your own self, what are your senses telling you? What are they feeling? What information are they receiving at this very moment?

Hello! Thank you for reading this from The Mindful Modus.

My name is Princess of The Mindful Modus, a blogger on a mission of helping people develop a healthy approach to work and life by incorporating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. All the contents of my blog are decaf-initely free but a coffee can greatly help me stay awake! Thank you so much!

25 thoughts on “How To Create Mindful Mornings

  1. I agree we need to be mindful and to take a moment because we go through life too fast, but we experience too little. So many people are rushing so many things all at once. The moment we wake up, we go through a series of routinary motions that, over time, start to mean so little.

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  2. Thanks for the beautiful post and new insights your writing always brings. Reading this reminded me again why I follow your blog. I do believe in mornings being the most potent part of my day and I love my morning ritual. It invigorates me and energizes me.
    You bring a different perspective. This is food for thought and I will mull over this some more. Thanks for always sharing wisdom and mindfulness!

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