3 Things You Need To Let Go This 2020

Your clothes, your drawer and yes, your toothpaste. Ditch them this 2020.

Now that the world has gone bonkers, governments in chaos, citizens in limbo, and animals ruling the internet entertainment, basically since most of us are given the extra time to be alone with ourselves, now is the time to sit down, inhale, exhale, look around our room and slowly reflect, what kind of energy does the world need right now. In our own little space, what can we do?

We now have officially entered the second half of the year and if we are to look back on the final days of December 2019 on how we planned our 2020, most of us would probably say, “Nah, 2021 is my year and I shall wait patiently until then.”, but the thing is, how sure are we that we still get to experience 2021? Why wait for next year to incorporate the tiny changes that you have been planning?

Today I want to share with you three things that I have been wanting to let go for this year. I am practicing Slow Living: learn more about that here, and slowly walking towards sustainability. I have started investing in quality clothes, read about my take on thrift buying here, and have been looking for more ways how to shift to a sustainable lifestyle. The finish line is still far ahead but whatever, this is not a race my dear friends. I’m still learning and fumbling around, please don’t judge me.

1. Polyester Clothes

From someone who came from a frugal family, polyester clothing is the way to do it, but now that I have been earning my own, I want to leave my polyester life behind.

As we all know, polyester is among the most popular fabric used especially in the fast-fashion industries. For one thing, it is highly affordable and surprisingly durable. The term polyester is used to represent a synthetic, man-made polymer, polyethylene terephthalate, which basically is a kind of plastic.

Although polyester has tons of advantages, the mere fact that it is synthetic and comes from an unsustainable source, and even though there are recycling plants nowadays but still, it takes hundreds of years before polyester decomposes. So, I’m saying NO MORE.

2. Plastic Racks and Plastic Drawers

This is the one that I am aiming for!

Ah, the number one most loved furniture in the Philippines, the stack-able plastic racks that cost only 6 USD, and the colorful plastic drawers. I must admit, I have five(!) pieces in my own apartment, because why not? They’re super cheap and gets the job done. The problem, however, is in general plastic takes a thousand years to decompose.

I know, it’s a general habit to most of us to choose the affordable option, no judging here, I came from a literal poor family in the province so I am well aware, but if in case you have the opportunity to not choose the plastic racks, please, do. As for me, my goal is to hand mine over to the recycling guys and find something eco-friendly.

3. Toothpaste – yes, the main point of this post 😀

Yes, you read that right, the ever-hygienic product that we all adore, the toothpaste is now going to be discarded from my bathroom vanity cabinet, after I used it all up of course, because last month, I took a shot and ordered an organic tooth powder from a local brand, Zero Basics.

What is Tooth Powder?

Tooth powder is thought to have originated many thousands of years ago. Ancient people may have used ingredients such as myrrh, burnt eggshells, crushed animal bone ash, and oyster shells to create powders able to remove mouth odor, plus clean and polish teeth.

Homemade and manufactured tooth powders that contained salt, chalk, or baking soda reached the height of their popularity during the 19th century.

Source. healthline.com

About Zero Basics

If you’ve been trying to live a zero waste lifestyle, then Zero Basics may be the beauty brand for you. This small vegan company offers an all-natural, freshly made, all organic personal care line that’s 100% plant-based and comes in recyclable containers so they’re easier to refill and reuse. Their products are effective, practical, and eco-friendly while still remaining affordable. With Zero Basics, you can say goodbye to single-use beauty products and reduce your carbon footprint.

What is Zero Basics, Remineralizing Toothpowder?

A versatile tooth powder rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Helps alkalize the body, detoxify from hard metals, and promote oxygen supply, and re-mineralize teeth; contains salts and natural earth clays that act as a mouth sterilizer when absorbed by the gums and tongue while brushing; enriched with quality cinnamon powder that naturally fights bad breath; can also be used as mouthwash when diluted in water.

PERFECT FOR: Sensitive, weak, brittle teeth and bleeding gums


Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Aluminum-Free Sodium Bicarboante, Extra-Absorbent Activated Charcoal Powder, Essential Oils of Peppemint and Cinnamon, Extract of Stevia Plant

How To Use:

Scoop out using toothbrush and brush teeth as normal. Do not swallow.

My Experience

I’m going to be honest, the first time that I used this it made me gag. I hated it! Seriously I did not like it, at all. It tasted like seawater, it had grains all over some even got stuck between my teeth, it was so runny basically it was like brushing your teeth with muddy seawater containing actual salt grains, and yes I felt gross. I felt this is not the kind of product that most of us would want in our mouth.

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What Do I Like About It?

There are 3 things that I love in this product first, the simple packaging, second it is 100% organic and lastly, the smell is minty good, not the toothpaste kind of smell but like an actual mint leaf!

What Don’t I Like About It?

The rest, yes, I don’t like the rest about the product. It is so runny that it kept trickling down my chin, the taste is salty with a little mint, the color as you can see in the photo is muddy and unappealing, and lastly the grains kept going into the tiny spaces between my teeth!

Will I Recommend It?

If you’re serious about shifting to a sustainable lifestyle then YES! Although I don’t enjoy using this but I pushed myself and kept brushing my teeth with tooth powder in place of toothpaste after lunch meals.

It has been two weeks since I started and now I would say it had grown on me a bit. I’ll definitely classify this as one of those “acquired” products, those ones which you have to keep using to familiarize yourself with. I will admit, I am still not comfortable using this because this experience is very new to me but I am willing to shift and slowly step away from my toothpaste life.

My Final Thoughts

Shifting to sustainable living is a decision you don’t you make just because it’s trending. Furthermore, the ways on how to incorporate this kind of lifestyle into our own systems are not the same for everybody. You can completely go all out, or you can take in some little changes. There should be no judging because a lifestyle is not absolute, rather it is adaptive to our personal preferences and limits of our tolerance.

As for me, I’m still using my toothpaste (at night) because my tube is still a quarter full but honestly I do plan on ditching the toothpaste out. Sure, the organic tooth powder may not contain anti-cavities and stuff like that, it may even gross you out by the way you can check it out here, but that can easily be solved by gargling a good mouthwash after brushing your teeth, yes? Also, with a regular visit to the dentist’s office, and being mindful of buying sweets, you’re all good! By the way, what is your fave candy? I love Welch’s Fruit Snacks!

Have you also tried a tooth powder? What are the things that you’re ditching in 2020?

Disclaimer. This is not a sponsored post.

Hello! Thank you for reading this from The Mindful Modus.

My name is Princess of The Mindful Modus, a blogger on a mission of helping people develop a healthy approach to work and life by incorporating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. All the contents of my blog are decaf-initely free but a coffee can greatly help me stay awake! Thank you so much!

17 thoughts on “3 Things You Need To Let Go This 2020

    1. Hello, thank you for raising out this concern. I have not found solid evidence that the grains in the tooth powder can erode the teeth enamel. I think, as long as we don’t over brush and with regular visit to the dentist’s office, using tooth powder is okay. This is just my own personal opinion though. Still, I highly suggest that you seek proper information from a dentist. I hope this helps! ❤️

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  1. I think I’m not ready for the tooth powder yet, although I already ditched my plastic toothbrush with a bamboo + charcoal one ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s my first time and I don’t see anything special, but they’re still comfy for my teeth. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for write-ups besides skincare and music haha! But maybe soon!

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