Skincare: Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist Review

Ah, Laneige. What can I say. This is the ultimate among the cult-favorites and if you are a skincare enthusiast, there is no way you have not yet come across Laneige Cream Skin Refiner — dubbed as the moisturizer melted into a toner ideally made for the sensitive skin. I must be honest, I amContinue reading “Skincare: Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist Review”

How To Reset Your Life With Wabi-Sabi

The dents and cracks will never be pretty according to today’s beauty standards, but they will always hold a charm, one that flawlessness cannot compete with. Perfectionism is a moral value widely attributed to the Western side of the Earth. It is a complex philosophy rooting from the idea that to be a virtuous person,Continue reading “How To Reset Your Life With Wabi-Sabi”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #2

Hello, how are you today? We have been nominated for the second time for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. For this I would like to thank This Engrained Heart do check it out here and his latest post too— Life Won’t Stop. His blog is full of creative prose and poetry works, if you’re interestedContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020 #2”

3 Things You Need To Let Go This 2020

Your clothes, your drawer and yes, your toothpaste. Ditch them this 2020. Now that the world has gone bonkers, governments in chaos, citizens in limbo, and animals ruling the internet entertainment, basically since most of us are given the extra time to be alone with ourselves, now is the time to sit down, inhale, exhale,Continue reading “3 Things You Need To Let Go This 2020”

Top 5 Blog Posts Of The Week #1

Hello, my amazing community! Last week, on my Thank You Community! post, I told you guys that I wanted to create a supportive ground for us. Each week, I will be picking 5 posts and will be featuring them every Tuesdays EST of the succeeding week. Please note that this is not about rankings, thisContinue reading “Top 5 Blog Posts Of The Week #1”

Fragrance Haiku: Chloe Nomade EDP

A lush garden walk Cold air and mossy, wet woods Look, sweet Mirabelles! … Clean, fresh Mirabelles! Aquatic, musky, sunny Hanging, swaying, see? … Lather in the breeze Soapy on the sun-bathed trees Quick, grab the basket! … My thoughts on Chloe Nomade Hello, this is the first time I’ve made a haiku to describeContinue reading “Fragrance Haiku: Chloe Nomade EDP”

Thank You Community! + 30 Questions With Me 🌸

Hello to my amazing community! I’m happy to announce that we have reached 300 members!! As a token of gratitude I have compiled an incredibly long Q & A, I hope you guys don’t get bored! If you are reading this right now, let’s have a friendly chat, pick one question and share with usContinue reading “Thank You Community! + 30 Questions With Me 🌸”