Hello! I am back at it again on another REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD this time from dear Tanya of Divinely Bipolar. Thank you so much!

Never have I read stories of such harrowing experience and Tanya’s blog is honestly like a script coming from a movie character who went through so much ordeal but still able to remain as a wonderful human being until the credits rolled out. What can I say, you are a shining inspiration to us all, Tanya!

Also, to YOU and to everyone who have been supporting this blog, thank you so much for being a part of this tiny community!

Check out Tanya’s blog here: Divinely Bipolar



1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs; and asking them seven questions.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

My Answers to the Questions from Divinely Bipolar

1. What is your favorite color and why?

Lilac and Yellow – because they make me happy

2. Who do you admire the most in life and why?

Bo Sanchez – because he inspires me to be so much more


3. If you could describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why?

Rainbow – a mix of everything!

4. Where is your favorite place on Earth and what makes it so special for you?

My hometown – fresh air and lots of mango trees!

5. What is your favorite food and why?

Prawns and avocados – I love seafood and avocados are healthy

6. What is your favorite book of all time?  What did you find interesting about it?

Harry Potter Series – lots of magic!

7. Why do you enjoy writing and blogging?

I don’t know really, I just do

8. What type of music do you enjoy?

As of the moment, I like listening to smooth jazz

9. What are your favorite hobbies (besides writing) and why do you like them?

Crochet – because I get to create new things!

10. What is your favorite song and singer/band?

Lover from the Lover Album by Taylor Swift

Questions for the Nominees:

1. Which of your blog posts is your favorite?

2. Do you have a favorite skincare product? What is it?

3. Do you have a favorite fragrance? What is it?

4. Are you an early-bird type of person, a night-owl, or somewhere in between?

5. Do you have a favorite movie character? Who is it and from what movie?

6. Do you splurge? What items do you splurge on?

7. What is your favorite self-care activity?

The Nominees:

The ISO Diaries

Surreally Jibberish!

Anna Coleman


Reparent Your Soul

The girl typewriter

The Monching’s Guide

Embrace Mind, Body & Soul

Jen Orillo



Teacher Camille Writes

The Girl with a Pink Backpack

Congratulations to the nominees!

Also, congratulations to my fellow bloggers supporting The Mindful Modus because this award would not be possible without each of you! I may not have nominated you all but please know that you are still valuable part of this community. ❀️

Thank you for the support, everyone! Lovelots.

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Hello! Thank you for reading this from The Mindful Modus.

Hello my name is Princess of The Mindful Modus, a blogger on a mission of helping people redirect anxiety by integrating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. All the contents of my blog are decaf-initely free but a coffee can greatly help me stay awake! Thank you so much!

29 thoughts on “REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD 2020 #2

  1. Thank you so much! I love all of your answers! I appreciate your kind words πŸ™‚ I hope I am reaching a lot of people and bringing inspiration and hope to those that are lost and on their own journeys of destruction! So happy to have met you! Kindly – Tanya

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Heartiest Congratulations!!! and many many thank yous for the nominations ❀

    I couldn't resist noticing that we have so many similarities!!
    For eg, My all time favourite book and movie is Harry Potter too, I'm such a potterhead, can't live without breathing it. I'm sorted into Ravenclaw on pottermore, what about you?
    I love the colour yellow too!, reminds me of sunshine and brings a smile instantly!
    I'm a Swiftie too! cheers!
    Even I don't know I enjoy writing and blogging, I just do too
    And Bo Sanchez is one of my favourites in motivations!

    Thank you so much once again for considering me for such prestigious award, but with a heavy heart I must tell you that I dont really do such award posts, Sorry :'D

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello, sure thing, no worries! Thank you for responding and reaching out. I appreciate it! Also, thank you for spending some time reading my post and answering some questions (you didn’t have to!) Wish you well. Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello, thank you! Actually no, it’s me who have to thank you for supporting me. This award is because of you guys. Truly, thank you!❀️❀️ I’m simply giving it back 😊


  3. Hi! Haha Thank you for the nomination. It was weird, I didn’t see your comment before because wordpresse queued it as spam πŸ˜‘ but i saw it now πŸ˜„ I’ll do a post for this. Oh and I love Harry Potter too 🀭

    Liked by 1 person

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