The Penable Award 2020

Hello, my awesome community! How are you today? Here we are on another award, this time the Penable Award. We are nominated by the sweetest Ruthie Playle of Truth_Be_Told do check out her website here! Like me, she also shares her personal experiences and reflections regarding her struggles with anxiety, and a lot of other [...]

Hello Stranger

There you are, found you! I've been looking everywhere. Hello, stranger. ... I've been missing you, Waiting and searching and yet Those eyes, who are you? ... Something, your smile Is it distant memory? Do you recognize me? ... How strange, your voice, Distressingly familiar. Tell me, stranger. ... Why was I searching, Deeply longing [...]

Daily Slow Living Rituals For Beginners

What is Slow Living? "I think of slow [living] as more of a mindset than anything else," says Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness: How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. "It's quality over quantity. It's doing things with presence, being in the moment. Ultimately, it's about doing everything as well as possible instead [...]

Skincare: Dear Klairs, Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish Review

Product Description The Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish contains an abundance of black sugar which aids in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads. It exfoliates dry skin with ease and adds a glossy smooth look to the skin. When seasons change, the skin tends to become uneven with dry patches which can cause [...]