One Month On Quarantine Manila Philippines

Hello, how are you surviving?

It has been a month since the enhanced community quarantine here in Manila and I thought maybe, it’s a good time to do a mental health update, what I have been doing, things like that. I know, you guys don’t need to know, maybe don’t even want to know (sorry about that) but it is essential for me to kind of write things down so I can clear out some space in my head.

I have been writing more these past few days especially because Easter came and I felt in the mood to release some frustrations. I used to attend a Christian fellowship gathering of maybe give or take 20,000 people where we celebrate Easter together and I love it!

I think to be a part of something where faith is celebrated kind of re-balances my mental health and provides a re-calibration for my life in general. It’s nice. However since mass gatherings have been prohibited and we are all stuck at home, I have no choice but to settle on watching worship videos.

Also, I have started my second crochet bralette, tried fixing an air bubble situation with my air mattress (a failed attempt, unfortunately), de-cluttered my closet and removed some loungewear with tears and laundry damage.

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Also, I have been binge-watching more and more perfume-related videos which are not good, yes I know, but good for the content creators maybe? Also, my sister is planning on having a Youtube channel and we are kind of brainstorming apart as she lives in a different city. Mm what else?

I live with my fiance, and he does the cooking most of the time but our fridge is so small, and we can’t stock too many fresh meat, fish, and vegetables. At most, it can only accommodate supplies good for one week so to extend the supply longer we have to settle with canned goods and instant noodles in between.

As Asians, we eat rice as our main meal but since I am getting tired of having to eat canned goods and instant noodles (more frequently) with the rice, we came up with a solution. Instead, he is cooking more and more pasta, and the rice meals got replaced which I highly appreciate.

We do have the option for online grocery shopping but it is so congested right now and there are reports of people paying the whole amount but missing a bunch of items when the orders are fulfilled. So yea, I definitely cannot risk that, or else my anger will start bursting out as some of you know, I have a bit of trouble controlling it. Mm what else.

My insomnia has been whacking on me lately and I am now back on sleeping pills and for some reason, my favorite bedtime chamomile tea is always out of stock. Mind you, it already was since the last quarter of 2019 so I am certain it is not because of the pandemic. Mm what else.

Besides doing the laundry every day manually because we have no washing machine, and a few online skincare purchases (will feature some new skincare products when they arrive!) and some impulsive orders from two weeks ago, I think that is just about it, my whole month on quarantine.

I am thinking, maybe if I have a pet, things would be a bit different but adding a member to the family would mean extra expenses for grooming and cleaning stuff (also I overly-clean the apartment every day to release some tension in my head so having a pet might not be suitable for me), also pets are not allowed in our rented apartment so basically having one is not an option.

In general, my month spent inside the house is a bit monotonous except for a few outbursts here and there. So yea. This maybe is a boring read. I’m sorry about that. Anyway hope you guys are all okay.

Stay safe. Lovelots.

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