A Self-Care Lesson You Didn’t Think You Need

Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” ~John 5:8 (NIV)

Get Up!

Get up. Move your muscles, stretch those legs, and stand. You have been sitting for far too long, lying down for far too long, receiving and accepting all the dust, all the dirt, and every grime thrown your way. Your feet have gone numb, and maybe, maybe, your hope has too. Maybe, you became too comfortable with this, staying down there and getting treated like trash. Maybe, the frustrations have become so familiar that you started believing everything is okay, is normal, is just what you deserve.

Oh, darling, if you only knew. Raise your chin and open your eyes. You were not conceived for nine months in your mother’s womb for this. The starts did not align the day you were born just so you can bow down to every garbage dumped in front of you. You have a claim in this world, a seat in the banquet, a space just for you. So come, get up. I know the sudden movement may hurt your sore legs even more but focus. Stop tolerating things that are not meant to be tolerated. Come, get up.

You are worth so much more. So much more than this. You are not your failures, you are not your weakness, you are not your decisions gone sour, you are not all these things that you think of yourself because nobody, to nobody’s birth, did the heavens scowled. On the contrary, every birth of life is a grand celebration, so grand that the heavens sing in delight, stars dance and rejoice. Yes, I know, I have not seen it with my eyes, but you see, faith lets you in on a glimpse of something truly wonderful. So come, darling. Your designated seat is waiting. Get up.

Pick Up Your Mat

Get up, and pick up your mat. Get up but bring along your past with you, bring along the times you have to toughen up to survive, bring along the times you sacrificed yourself just so to please the judges around you, bring them. No, they do not define you, but they are your story, they are your scars, and now that you have decided to get up, they will be the weight that you carry so no matter how far you set your eyes on, no matter how high you set yourself upon, you will stay grounded because you know, you know where you came from.

Your mat may be torn at the edges, covered in mud, with lots of holes and damage but this mat is what is going to keep you from floating away. It will keep you from raising the bar too high that you look down on others, it will keep you from moving too fast that you ridicule the people who lagged behind, it will keep you from shining too bright that you forget how to care for people living in the dark.

Now that you have decided to get up, darling pick up your mat. This will save you. This will remind you, that no matter how victorious you become in the future, no matter how big your wings get, you can never, never fly too close to the sun.


Walk. Walk away. Walk and keep walking. Rest if you must, but once you have regained your strength, walk again.

Walk. Move away. Move away from the toxic people in your life, move away from the job that’s slowly killing you, move away from habits that keep you from living a healthy lifestyle, move away from social media if it keeps slapping you in the face that you’re never enough, move away from all the things that degrade your worth. Move away.

You see, darling, this is how you save yourself. This is Sleeping Beauty, finally opening her eyes and getting up. This is Sleeping Beauty taking a deep breath and taking her blanket with her. This is Sleeping Beauty stepping out from her tower.

This is Sleeping Beauty going into the forest with her blanket to keep her warm. It will be a slight burden, it will be a slight weight but it will save her. It will protect her and remind her that even when she finds her way out, even if she survives, she is not given the right to look down on others who are lost in the forest and cannot find their way.

This is Sleeping Beauty finally deciding to save her own self, really save herself.

This is you too. This is us.

So come, let’s get up, pick up our mat, and walk.

Note. This is my Easter reflection inspired by Claiming Your Rescue – A Lent Retreat by Bo Sanchez and Feast TV, Light of Jesus.


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