My Perfume Wish List For 2020 + An Honest Chitchat On Why I Left Hustle Culture

Hello, welcome back to the blog.

Today I am sharing with you my perfume wish list for this year, none of which I have tried in samplers because down here in the Philippines, only the overly-hyped designer brands are abundant. So yes, I’m willing to blind buy these!

1. Tom Ford Sahara Noir, an oriental-woody scent based on incense, ugh sadly discontinued. I don’t even know if I can still get my hands on a new bottle but if don’t, I may just go grab myself Black Orchid in EDP because, well, it’s for black tie events, it’s for classy date nights, it’s for those days when I want to feel like a boss, and ultimately it also is for some cuddly nights for me! Hubby approved!

2. Sylvaine Delacourte Vangelis, a spicy, powdery, vanilla-rry perfume, still in production. Now this is something I’m looking forward to!

3. Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche, a creamy lemony fragrance marketed for men but whatever. It is sad though that the EDTC version got discontinued and we are all now left with the EDP version which contains sharper and a bit brighter lemons compared to the original (according to most reviewers). This one got me interested because although in general, I don’t like lemony fragrances as most of the time they remind me of citrus-scented air fresheners which make me nauseous, I do enjoy Guerlain Shalimar and after doing some hunting online, I found this one which listed lemon and vanilla as main notes. Have you tried this one?

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So… Why I Left Hustle Culture?

Now, moving on to this hustle culture mentality that is exhausting people out all for the sake of grinding. When I first got hired, woohoo! Like so many other new graduate students from college out there, heyhey I actually looked forward to sleepless nights and stressful work deadlines. Can you imagine that? Bless my soul. I did actually looked forward to it. Yep.

I thought, I better go get myself pushed to the limits so I can rise above people my age financially, and become like one of those Instagram-famous people who go on vacation to the Maldives. I mean, who doesn’t dream of going to the Maldives?

Two years in and reality hit me. If this keeps up, I am definitely going to wind up in a mental institution, if not I don’t know, maybe I’ll end up drinking bleach or something. I realized, this kind of life is not meant for me. All these shoving and pushing to get higher on the corporate ladder, all these grinding, all these crazy things people do to get more money, shinier name, all these things are not for me.

For one thing, it never made me happy. It just made me exhausted. It just made me more jealous of other people’s achievements, it just made me build a tower of pride where I can look down on others who don’t hustle enough. It’s true. In some ways, I became one of those city monsters hungry for more and more promotion.

Looking back to 20 years ago, what I wanted for my future was simple. I wanted to write about things that interest me, have a tiny business, and have my own house in the province, in the middle of lush rice fields, somewhere with lots of mango trees and a nice backyard where I can plant and grow my own vegetable so I don’t have to buy in the market. That was it. That was my dream back then.

When I go and become a grandma, this is the story that I wanted to tell my grandkids. That I am that crazy grandma who, once in her life, decided to leave all the grandiose that her job has to offer and instead, built a tiny business, had a home in the province in the middle of rice fields, planted and grew vegetables, crocheted, and wrote stories, her own stories until she got wrinkly and forgetful.

Or, when they see in me in pictures I’ll be that she-could-be-a-witch-tending-giant-guavas kind of grandma wearing her crochet pieces and smiling ear to ear with my equally charming husband.


We all have a different view on life but I think for me what I would treasure the most are the things that really make me happy. I hope you do too. I hope you keep your daydreams and never lose them. Lovelots.

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