You Are Not A Star Waiting To Be Born

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.—Rumi

You don’t need a spirit animal. You stand with all your gifts and all the energy of the universe. You are formed by the same Authority who made the brightest of days and the darkest of nights.

You are made from the same forces that steer every planet, the same waves that expand a black hole, and the same strengths that sprout a tiny seed. You are made from the same elements that flourish the forest, the same fuels that burn the core of the earth, the same droplets that carve through canyons, and the same currents that produce a monster storm.

Darling, you are not a star waiting to be born.

You are not. You never were and you never will.

Look. Just look at your bruises, your scars, your fears, every magnified failure in your life, every wrong decision you have made, look. They are your monsters. They are your black holes and you keep nourishing them with your own sanity, with your worth, with who you are, with your very life.

Can you see now? Can you see that no matter how invisible you feel, you are not some feeble, lone creation out in the vast darkness?

Can you see how only a true universe can create and sustain its own beast?

So go. Go and dive in your despair. Feel the pain of the bruises under your skin. Curse your broken bones. Bless your heart. Feed your monsters. Celebrate your scars. Go and exist loudly. Make a mess. Cause a scene. Scream your name. Doubt the daylight. Believe in the night. Brave your flaws. Adore your strengths. Get lost and get found. Etch your truth and carve it deep in this timeline. Go and do not miss a beat. Burn your light. Blind everyone.

You are not here to listen to someone else’s adventure. You are not here to watch among the audience. You are not here to stand on the sidelines. You are not here as a participant in your own book. This your platform. This is your time. Every season of this is you. Feel the negative. Embrace the positive. Tell your story and show your fears.

Release your sunshine. Pour out your rain.

You are the freaking universe. Go freaking live and let your colors bleed.

P.S. Happy Easter everyone! Lovelots.

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8 thoughts on “You Are Not A Star Waiting To Be Born

    1. Hi, wow. Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot to me, I truly appreciate this. Thank you!❤️


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