Chopard, Vanille De Madagascar EDP First Impression + How I Deal With New Year Resolutions

Well, hello there. How have you been coping lately?

Before 2019 took her farewell walk, I was in a self-destructive mode and had been hoarding perfume samplers, most of which I just liked sniffing and not actually using. One of those unapologetic purchases is what I will be sharing with you today, Vanille De Madagascar by Chopard.

Chopard is a luxury watchmaker and jewelry house from Switzerland founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in the 1800s. They started releasing fragrances in partnership with L’Oreal in 1992.

In 2017, they launched a unisex, oriental fragrance called Vanille De Madagascar, created by perfumers Alberto Morillas, Firmenich, and Nathalie Lorson.

Because this is just a first impression, I am not going into details of the notes present but this one contains tea, cedar, and vanilla. Vanille De Madagascar is fresh and warm. It is a green, woody fragrance, a little bit sweet with hints of citruses. On my skin, this is brewing a cup of tea infused with vanilla. It is light and delicate, calming but still knows how to bring elegance to the table.

This is the first time I tried a green fragrance. To be honest, I was intrigued because of the name and because I love vanilla, I decided to give it a try. However, this is not for people who gravitate toward gourmands. It is not your Starbucks matcha tea, rather this is a traditional Asian tea with an earthy aftertaste somewhat soothing for the nerves.

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My New Year’s Resolutions

Now, moving on to the traditional New Year’s Resolutions, have you been planning? Or like me, have you been staring blankly anywhere and everywhere, neither confused nor focused, just nothing?

Can I tell you something? I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. If someone is to ask me, I will just say pray more and that’s it. There is something about resolutions that give me negative vibes, like listing all the areas in my life that need improvement only magnifies how my life well, you know, sucks.

Instead, I find it better if I set new goals for the year and my magic word? Achievable. No fancy words. No fantastic 12-page plans or whatever. Just a plain to-do list like this one below.

  • Add (5) squats daily.
  • Add (1) type of vegetable to my weekly grocery. (Because I have been only eating one type of vegetable per week, I will add one more.)
  • Refuse food-delivery app urges twice, per week. (Because I have been using food-deliveries four times a week, this time I have to turn down two.)
  • Get a large Coke bottle only once month. (I do twice a month! I think I need to cut down on this.)
  • Cut down an hour of sleep. (I have been sleeping ten hours a day!)

Small daily changes. That’s it! Let’s do this 2020!

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