Valentino, Valentina Haul + A Concise Year-End Evaluation Guide For The Boss In You

Last week I received a paycheck from a client (I now do home-based work on top of my crochet business) and well, now that I am getting into an affair with fragrances (on top of everything else) I got a new bunch of samplers to add into my growing 0.03 oz bottles collection. This time from the house of Valentino, I ordered these gorgeous Valentina scents.

Valentino is an Italian fashion house founded by designer Valentino Garavani and as of 2019 Valentino’s cosmetics and fragrance license are in the hands of L’Oreal. I am only going to show what scents I got though and just a little description for each.

Sadly I was not able to acquire the other flankers of the Valentina line, Acqua Floreale, Rosa Assoluto, Oud Assoluto, and Myrrh Assoluto as these were not available from the store where I purchased the others. I hope next year I will have the chance to try them because I am interested in the smokier versions!

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2019 to me is both a success and a failure and maybe to most people too, and at the end of this year, most of us will be faced with this dilemma of asking ourselves truthfully how exactly our 2019 unfolded, consciously or unconsciously. When we meet with our siblings this coming year-end holiday and we take a closer look on how far they progressed, or when we meet with our old friends from high school and we get a chance to see how they advanced in their career, one question will always rebound in our thoughts. How did my 2019 go?

Here, I created a concise way for me to reflect and ponder what have I done this year and what still needs to be done with respect to the goals I have set myself at the start of 2019.

My Current Responsibilities:My Accomplishments:
1. Create extra financial streams1. Launched a blog
2. Manage investment portfolio2. Launched a crochet business
3. Keep the home tidy3. Started a home-based work
4. Cook healthy meals4. Improved home office interior design
5. Manage my anxiety and temper5. Improved my anxiety and temper management
6. Managed to improve relationship with siblings
7. Managed to improve diet
8. Managed to catch up on some old friends
9. Managed to add a tiny amount on my savings
10. Managed to look 2019 squarely in the face (I’m still here yo!)
Areas to Improve:Strengths:
1. Time management1. Mindful of a singular task
2. Anxiety and temper2. Creative with projects
3. Physical fitness
Current PrioritiesFuture Plans
1. Bring value to my blog1. Improve and improve
2. Create more crochet designs
3. Meet with project deadlines

You can use mine as a guide or, you can make your own, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that we need to give ourselves some time to think about what actions have we done so far to achieve our goals. Do we even have a goal? If we don’t, then what is it that we value in life?

Whether you actively went out and chased your goals or simply stayed put on your job and continued fighting silent battles this year, if it is an effort to move forward or an effort to keep holding on, whatever it is, we owe it to ourselves that we recognize and applause even the tiniest wins.

By honestly assessing ourselves where we currently stand versus where we want to be, we can determine the areas where we fall short and by recognizing these grey spots where our weaknesses lie, we can devise a new strategy and come back stronger for 2020.

Hello! Thank you for reading this from The Mindful Modus.

Hello my name is Princess of The Mindful Modus, a blogger on a mission of helping people redirect anxiety by integrating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. All the contents of my blog are decaf-initely free but a coffee can greatly help me stay awake! Thank you so much!

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