Filipino Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow For 2019

1. Aileen Adalid (

(c) Aileen Adalid

The first time I saw this blog was back in 2017 and I was on the 6th month of my first job back then. I was randomly looking for blog posts about Batanes because when you just got out of college and just started working, earning, and saving, hey who would not love to go travel somewhere?

I was surprised by her story of quitting her corporate job at 21 and deciding to become a digital nomad and a travel blogger. I thought those kind of dreams were only for people with connections to media and showbiz, and for those whose families owned multi-million worth of companies because who does traveling as a job? I mean, is it really a job?

Aileen is one of those people who taught me new things I wish I had known years ago. Her blog mainly focuses on her travels but she includes tips, guides, and resources to show readers that no matter how outrageous your dreams are, they are still possible. (I hope I can join a North Pole expedition someday!)

2. Kath Rivera (

(c) Kath Rivera

Before I came to know Liah Yoo, there was Dear Kitty Kittie Kath. I mean, who does not read reviews before buying a full-coverage foundation?

Like the previously mentioned, I also came to know about this blog on the same month I stumbled upon Aileen’s. I really am a multitasker! I try to squeeze time for reading blogs in between my working hours (oops).

3. Kach and Jonathan Howe (,

(c) Kach and Jonathan Howe

Aw. Sailing in the Caribbean? Check. Sailing with a life partner? Check. Sailing with adorable cats? Double-check.

If there is one thing about this blog that I could not find on any other is how these two people can pursue their dreams and travel plans without being a hindrance to each other. I mean, if I am going to be in Timbuktu, no way am I going there without my partner. Wherever it is, we go together but with Kach and Jonathan, it amazes me how independent they are even without the other. I guess I am too clingy.

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