How I Shop With Anxiety

Hi, how is it going? This is actually an unplanned blog post because who would want to know how a girl with anxiety issues shops if she has to or if she just feel like it, right? I know. I guess maybe I am just assuming somebody out there will be interested. Anyway, I am still posting this!

A year ago I resigned from my job because of two reasons. First, my mental state was aggressively attacking me to the point where physical signs were getting obvious. I had heart ischemia years ago but when I went through depression my chest pains came back and on top of that I was suffering from insomnia so bad that I had to take sleeping pills or else you would find me still awake at 5 am.

The second reason, I knew there was something out there that I had to do. Do not get me wrong though. I like my job. I work in an engineering office and I take pride in it because for one thing it took so much of my brain cells to pass Calculus. Honestly! However, I could not deny that I kind of did not fit in the industry. Yes, I have the required credentials for it but the career did not reflect who I am when no one is judging me and it took a lot of time before I figured that one out. I am always a creative person, you see.

In the middle of my second depression episode, I could not explain why but I began to fear escalators, especially the ones going down. The feeling of stepping on something where I can see people and things below me makes me anxious and if that something is going to drag me down I would feel slightly lightheaded, my stomach would churn, my heart would palpitate, and overall I would feel nervous. Since then I have been only using stairs and elevators and has lost interest going to malls and other places where I need to take escalators.

I now run a tiny weeny local crochet business and because I am always staying in and am constantly on the internet I found ways to go shopping without actually going to the mall. No, I am not over 50 but yes, before this all happened I did not know it is safe to buy dresses online.

I am using the app called Zalora. I like it because it is free of bogus sellers and they only sell branded items so I do not have to worry about receiving a damaged item without a tag whatsoever, things like that. Why? Because here in the Philippines you can order anything online and get an empty box in return for your money. Yep. It happens.

The other reason why I like this app is that I can pay via debit because yes, I do not do credits and I am deeply uncomfortable with cash-on-deliveries because I do not like waiting and meeting someone I do not know. Besides, it saves me the hassle of having to cram my daily chores in a few hours just so I could stand by and wait for the courier to arrive. Nah.

Here’s a screenshot of my recent order and I am sooo excited! I’m sorry you had to read this. I hope I did not waste your time. How about you, what websites do you use for online shopping? I hope it is fake-seller-free! Happy shopping!

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