5 Adulting Hacks You Need In Your Twenties

I get it. You just got out of college and now living in a rented apartment with a roommate from somewhere. You go to work and then sleep. Go to work and then sleep. On weekends, it’s either you are working overtime in the office or you are snuggling comfortably browsing the internet, waiting for that text from someone until Monday comes again. What a life.

No worries. You are not alone. When I got a job and moved to Manila, I did the exact same thing except I was not waiting for a text from someone.

As taken from the Urban Dictionary (urbandictionary.com) the word adulting means to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.

It is quite heavy, yea? Adulting is a big word but I found out that there are simple ways that can help you make it seem like you got your life together somehow. Why make it seem like it? Well, because I personally believe no person can truthfully say they got their plans all figured out.

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1. Stick to a Budget

I was lucky I had the opportunity to get to know of The Feast and join them every Sunday. I did not know Bo Sanchez before but he became my first financial mentor, not in a personal way but through his talks and books. Through him, I was introduced to one of the world’s most powerful financial book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I was so hooked that I attended a seminar on investing and finally decided to try it for myself. Yes, I am also a stock market investor on the side but because of this, I was pushed into budgeting my salary.

If I think about it before I started having a budget, it always felt like my salary was always running away from me but when I decided to separate payments for rent, bills, investment, and then set aside a specific amount for my everyday expenses, I was still always left with a tiny amount that I can put in my savings account. Wow. Adulting 101.

2. Eat Home-Cooked Meals

The reason why I decided to cook meals whenever I have the extra time is that I could not imagine eating fast food every day and I simply cannot afford a seat in a proper restaurant. Also, for one thing, I love veggies and Jollibee does not serve Salmon Belly Sinigang with Taiwan pechay so I have to cook them myself.

The other advantage? You get to save money of course! Buying chicken and pork meat and cooking them into different dishes with veggies saves me a lot of cash. Besides, if cooked with less oil and salt, they are healthier!

3. Avoid Getting Wasted

The last time I got really drunk was I think 5 years ago when I was still a student and it was on one of those occasions where drinking alcohol for the time being was permitted within the dormitory located on the school grounds. We call it Farewell Party where we celebrate the success of graduating dorm-mates.

Now at 26, I rarely drink let alone get wasted. Not only does it cause nothing but hangover I feel like at this time of my life, drinking on a Friday night is just a waste of good money. I would rather add the bills on my debit, thanks.

4. Change Sheets Twice a Month

Trust me. The next time you tell your mom that you have been changing your bedsheets, pillowcases, and your dear old blanket twice a month you will instantly appear as someone who has stepped into a new level of maturity.

Being responsible even in the simplest household chores screams adult and besides, changing sheets and getting them cleaned protects you from unnecessary allergic reactions and skin problems.

5. Clean Your Phone

I am not OC diagnosed but I do bleach my floors and toilet every single day, bring alcohol with me every time and everywhere, and clean my phone every now and then.

According to The Health Site (thehealthsite.com) research suggests that on average, a touch phone has 25,000 germs per square inch. Gross.

So the next time you grab your phone first thing in the morning, remember that you are holding something dirtier than a public restroom. Clean it.

Here’s to adulting and I hope we survive!


  • The Feast is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez.
  • Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain.
  • Sinigang is a Filipino soup characterized by a sour and savory taste.
  • Taiwan Pechay or Bok Choy is an Asian leafy vegetable.

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