Filipino Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow For 2019

1. Aileen Adalid ( The first time I saw this blog was back in 2017 and I was on the 6th month of my first job back then. I was randomly looking for blog posts about Batanes because when you just got out of college and just started working, earning, and saving, hey who wouldContinue reading “Filipino Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow For 2019”

How I Shop With Anxiety

Hi, how is it going? This is actually an unplanned blog post because who would want to know how a girl with anxiety issues shops if she has to or if she just feel like it, right? I know. I guess maybe I am just assuming somebody out there will be interested. Anyway, I amContinue reading “How I Shop With Anxiety”

2-Step Korean Skincare Morning Routine

For sure you already came across the trending 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine and yes, I do admit I have tried this. There was once a time when I would search for hours on the internet for Korean beauty blogs looking for highly raved products but that was before I developed anxiety and dived into depression.Continue reading “2-Step Korean Skincare Morning Routine”

5 Adulting Hacks You Need In Your Twenties

I get it. You just got out of college and now living in a rented apartment with a roommate from somewhere. You go to work and then sleep. Go to work and then sleep. On weekends, it’s either you are working overtime in the office or you are snuggling comfortably browsing the internet, waiting forContinue reading “5 Adulting Hacks You Need In Your Twenties”

I Bailed Out On My Friend’s Wedding

It was supposed to be on the 1st of June and I was supposed to wear olive trousers paired with a collared white formal top and a spritz of Versace. The wedding came but I did not. It was not that I intended to stay at home that day. It was because the bride isContinue reading “I Bailed Out On My Friend’s Wedding”