5 Easy Tricks To Get Productive

Ever wondered how some people can continue playing productive no matter how tough things are? Yep. I pondered on that matter too. I have been an employee only for a shy two years and there are times when I would accomplish tasks out of necessity, meaning I would grudgingly do things for the deadline’s sake. However, there are also times when I would go about my day in full blast even if the time limit for the project is still months away.

From the Ministry of Employment, (www.employment.gov.sc) productivity is defined as the efficient use of resources, labor, capital, land, materials, energy, information, in the production of various goods and services. Higher productivity means accomplishing more with the same amount of resources or achieving higher output in terms of volume and quality from the same input.

It may sound complicated but if you can manage to focus on a specific goal and organize tasks in such a way that that the flow of work produces the optimum results, it can become an easy pie.

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1. Organize your desk.

We all know the struggle of organizing and putting things in order. It can be frustrating especially if things have piled up to the point that it becomes irritating to arrange things. However, from my personal experience decluttering can bring wonders to your state of mind. It gives you a sense of clean slate and a good starting point to get the day going.

2. Stop multitasking.

I am running a tiny crochet business and at the same time keeping on track with my blogs. There are times when I would be typing a few phrases of ideas for my next article but also would be holding my 3.5 mm hook and a brightly colored yarn at the same time. Multitasking is hard to resist especially if you enjoy doing both things but by doing so, I always end up accomplishing less than what I have in mind.

3. Begin with the majors.

I usually begin my day by cleaning. I live in a rented apartment and very much of a neat-freak. After that, I proceed with the major task for the day, creating crochet pieces of my own designs. This could take weeks or months because I do not like settling. If the design does not wow me to a certain extent I would redo everything. I find it easier when I start with heavier assignments and then pull out sometime before the day ends for things like updating my business’ Instagram account.

4. Get enough sleep.

Exactly how can you be productive if you are sleep-deprived? The answer is obvious. You cannot perform in the same efficiency as that of someone with a good night’s rest. I sleep between 11 to 12 am and wakes when the alarm sets off at 6:30 am. I found out that I can do more throughout the day without being sluggish when I am well-rested. I can focus and think clearly and do not get distracted with a single pop of social media notification, so jump into the covers!

5. Do not force yourself every day.

We are species with complicated attention spans. You cannot force yourself to execute productively each day at the same level and it is the truth. Give yourself some time-outs too! Be it by accomplishing your to-dos at a comfortable pace or by simply taking more walks to the pantry, breaks will refresh your mind and steer you away from burnouts.

Do you have other productivity tips that you use personally? Share them with me!

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