5 Summer Hair Care Tips You (Probably!) Did Not Know

Days are longer, nights are shorter and most people are getting tanned. It’s summer! For us Filipinos even though we are in a tropical country, summer is still one of the most anticipated seasons besides Christmas. During April and May, the temperature rises up to 35˚C for most areas and these months are what we consider as that time of the year for swimsuits.

However, increasing temperature also means higher chances of sunspots, sunburns, and hair damage. Exposure to salt water and chlorine dries out the hair and makes them frizzy!

Being an island girl who grew up a few kilometers away from the beach, my hair used to look like thin fried noodles. Now at 26 and sporting a healthier and shinier hair, I have rounded up tips to protect your hair from the heat of the sun.

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1. Lessen heat styling

Curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, all these heat styling tools strip our hair of natural oils, making them dry and prone to breakage. If you really can’t ditch them, this season say you have summer parties to attend to do take extra precautions! Make sure that your hair is totally dry before using them, much better if air-dried, and use heat protecting products before grabbing your favorite hair styling tool. Ironing wet or even damp hair can cause serious breakage and brittleness and may at times be irreversible.

I have a wavy type of hair and back then I was so used to ironing my hair straight whenever I go out of the house. However, as a result of this, especially in the summer months, my hair looks and feels dehydrated. The heat from these styling tools on top of a 36˚C weather will only bring frizz so reduce the usage or if you can just avoid it, but if you still insist on having those gorgeous curls, I recommend you opt for manual curlers instead.

2. Cover with hats or scarves

Did you know that our scalp is coated with an external bacteria-fighting film? Exposing our hair to the harmful sun rays can unfortunately dry out our scalp’s and hair’s defense against external aggressors. UV rays can damage the hair lipids and make them dry, frizzy, and prone to tangling.

One simple trick that you can do is to cover your head with a hat or scarf while you are out in the sun. This is like wearing a breezy long-sleeved top for extra skin protection. Not only does it looks sassy, but it will also provide cover for your hair and scalp. The next time you plan out a beach trip with friends, make sure you go grab that fancy straw hat!

3. Apply more hair conditioner

Conditioners are post-shampoo hydrators and are made up of ingredients that replenish the hair’s moisture. They strengthen the cuticles by filling in the gaps in your hair’s defense coat caused by external factors. Although there are debates if one still needs to use conditioner, the answer lies in experiencing it yourself. A hair conditioner softens the hair strands and makes it easier to comb.

Sun-exposed hair is often dry and easy to tangle and if combed forcefully it will lead to pre-mature falling out of hair strands. The trick is to use more conditioner in the summer season to combat the dryness. Also, be sure to squeeze out the water in your hair when applying conditioner so the product doesn’t dilute and would be able to work properly.

4. Use sunscreen for the hair

Your hair is made up of dead keratinized cells, and yes hair strands once outside our skin are not alive anymore, so why still protect them? The answer, well is actually a question of would you rather have a frizzy and not-so-pleasant looking mane?

A damaged hair especially if the area is away from the scalp does not have much effect on our health but, if you are concerned about the quality of your hair then extra protection is necessary. Whatever type of ray the sun is releasing and exposing our skin on to, also immerses the rest of our body.

If you are to bask in the sun, be sure to not only shield your skin from the sun’s invisible harmful rays. Include your hair too, because such rays can cause hair discoloration and can be a real problem especially to color-treated ones.

5. Wet hair with tap or fresh water before diving

The reason for this is because wet hair will not absorb as much salt water and pool chemicals compared to dry hair. Rinse or shower your hair before getting soaked or you can bring a spray bottle of freshwater with you on your next trip.

So, which of these tips did you know already? Share them with your girls for a frizz-free hair this summer!

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