19 Things To Promise Myself This 2019

1. I will talk to Jesus more (for Christians like me). I will pray more not only for myself but for the people around me, my family and relatives, my neighbours and the people I meet every day and that they may serve as an opportunity for me to grow in love and compassion.

2. I will speak to myself more and encourage self-love. I will continue discovering and learning things about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses.

3. I will accept more of my uniqueness. I will stop comparing myself to friends, to colleagues, and to other people even if their lives look so much better because I am my own admirer.

4. I will pursue progress in my skills and in what I do. I owe it to myself to persist on development and not let comfort get the best of me.

5. I will give more even in my shortage. I will use this chance to stretch myself and give to the right people for the right reasons even if it is painful.

6. I will forgive even to those who are not asking for it. I will take this as another form of self-love and forgive those who have wronged me no matter how deep the scars are because I deserve peace in both mind and heart.

7. I will be more aware of my surroundings. I will focus on myself but still be conscious of the people around me especially to those who are needing a friend to talk to.

8. I will look more in the positive side. I will experience troubles and problems but it does not mean it is the end of what I can do, instead I will look at it as a new way of improving my mindset.

9. I will do more even if I am afraid. I will still pursue my goals even if it pose risks because it is in doing so that I will be able to conquer my fears and become the person I am meant to be.

10. I will wait more even if it becomes frustrating. I will wait and I will be hopeful in faith even if I cannot see yet the fruits of my work, and even if there is no assurance, because I know my season is yet to come.

11. I will be more enthusiastic. I will stop procrastinating and keep on track with my schedule of tasks.

12. I will persevere more. I will hold on to my visions, keep my eyes on the prize, remain encouraged and believe I will reach my goals through my persistence.

13. I will protect myself more. I will no longer tolerate disrespect, and the toxic vibe that some people are feeding me even if they are my friends.

14. I will act and speak with honesty. I will stay true to what I say and not let fear and pressure influence my decisions.

15. I will read more books. I will not stop learning and immersing myself to other people’s stories and experiences that will help improve my overall being.

16. I will eat more veggies. I will start loving my health more, become aware of what I eat and how it affects my body, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

17. I will exercise more. I will start my day by doing a simple exercise to pump up my body so I can get through the tasks throughout the day.

18. I will travel more. I will immerse myself more to nature and to people so I can appreciate how diversified and yet beautiful the world is.

19. I will manifest myself. I am liable to serve my skills to the best I can, and become a positive influence to the people around me.

Hello! Thank you for reading this from The Mindful Modus.

Hello my name is Princess of The Mindful Modus, a blogger on a mission of helping people redirect anxiety by integrating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. All the contents of my blog are decaf-initely free but a coffee can greatly help me stay awake! Thank you so much!

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